About Us

Our name Gulgee is a combination of the two main towns in the area; Gulgong and Mudgee with the Cudgegong river between them irrigating the Western Plains rice growing areas.

Gulgee Enterprises has been providing quality hand made natural coloured woollen products since our founding in 1996. It is our aim to promote the breeding of coloured sheep and the use of their wool for quality hand-knit garments in a variety of natural colours. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to work in cooperation with other breeders in the district to pool our wool into commercially viable quantities for processing into tops for hand spinners, yarn for knitters, and producing hand made quality garments from the result.


Natural colours in sheep range from the unbleached cream colours to the various shades of greys and browns to the darker chocolate browns, greys and the occasional but rare blacks.

All breeds of sheep may carry the black gene. The pure white sheep as we know it is a result of long selective breeding to eliminate the original black genes



Members of the Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders Association Australia (NSW) Inc. (BCSBAA) Central Tablelands branch.


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